How to: A Ponytail With OOMPH


Something about a simple ponytail just screams Summer. So why do they always end up looking a bit frumpy, or last-minute? Follow these easy tips on how to give that boring pony a little oomph, and you’ll be out the door and ready for any event in no time. Wear this to work, the pool, or a night out. A pretty pony is just a quick, easy tutorial away.



Begin by pulling back the top/crown of your hair, just like you were going to put it in a half up. Start one side at a time, and bobby pin each side into place. After inserting a bobby pin, add one more on top of the other, securing it in place firmly. Crossing bobby pins in your hair is always extra security, and helps to keep fine hair in place. Repeat on the other side.



Pull your hair back into a regular ponytail, and secure it in place with an elastic band. Aim to secure your tail right where you pinned back the crown, hiding the bobby pins.



Holding the band in place, insert a rat-tail comb, pen, or even a fork (whatever you have laying around), and begin to loosen the crown of your ponytail.



By doing this, you are creating volume through the top of your hair, giving it that extra oomph.



When you are done, grab the very top of your ponytail, right outside of the band, and the very bottom. Give it a couple tugs from opposite ends, creating length through your ponytail.



You are all done.